We have a firm trust in our company vision which is to provide absolute value and growth to our consumer family. We strongly believe that our genuine desire for excellence and wellbeing for our local communities translates into the uncompromising quality and craftsmanship of our homes..


Integrity is instilled in the Foundation of Our Business: Our homes are built with integrity and are built to last. At TFS Capital we understand the significance of a home and its role in fostering beautiful memories with our loved ones. We are firm believers of simply doing what’s right and because of this, TFS Capital has pride in its unwavering integrity to its home buyers.


At TFS Capital, Loyalty and Family is Everything: The TFS Family grows with every newly built home. Loyalty to our consumer family as well as our trades and suppliers is of utmost importance to the TFS Capital Vision. As we continue to build for you and your family we would like to thank you for your loyalty and the opportunity to give you ours.