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Real Estate is
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TFS Capital Group is a distinguished real estate development and advisory firm dedicated to serving the dynamic Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario markets. With an unwavering focus on real estate, our company is driven by a commitment to delivering fully-integrated solutions and an extensive range of services. From expertly navigating land acquisition and astute asset management to meticulous planning, seamless development, and efficient construction, TFS Capital Group is your trusted partner throughout the entire process.


Our internal and external teams, comprising exceptional professionals from diverse sectors, converge to form a powerhouse of multidisciplinary expertise. This strategic amalgamation empowers us to seize the distinctive opportunities that abound in today's market. With profound confidence and intelligence, we are poised to capitalize on these unique prospects and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for our valued clients.

Vision. Partnerships. Excellence.

At TFS Capital Group, we excel in providing elite-level advisory and consulting services in the realm of real estate development. With our expertise, we guide clients through every facet of the project lifecycle, from the initial acquisition of raw land to the triumphant realization of multifaceted residential and commercial real estate ventures.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses strategic consulting, design management, and development management, delivering a holistic approach to project success. By seamlessly integrating these vital components, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled guidance and support at every step of their real estate journey. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, sophistication, and unwavering confidence, we empower our clients to achieve remarkable outcomes in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.


Development Advisory

At TFS Capital, our projects are the culmination of meticulous planning and design, where every detail seamlessly integrates to yield real estate that embodies true innovation, inspiration, and community impact. We take immense pride in our collaborations with top-tier industry experts in design, planning, engineering, and construction. This strategic alliance ensures that our projects benefit from the unrivaled expertise of professionals who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

In addition to our core areas of expertise, we offer comprehensive development consultancy, strategic financing, and creative capital structuring solutions. Our seasoned team of professionals possesses deep industry knowledge and a wealth of experience, enabling us to navigate the complexities of real estate development with confidence and precision. With our meticulous approach and efficient project construction methodologies, we consistently deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

At TFS Capital, we forge enduring partnerships that are built on the foundations of professionalism, trust, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together with our esteemed network of real estate consultants and industry experts, we create synergistic collaborations that drive transformative outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.

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