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TFS Capital Group is a real estate development and real estate finance investment firm servicing the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Our company focus is strictly real estate. We provide fully integrated real estate solutions and offer a broad spectrum of services. TFS Capital Group is fully integrated with expertise in land acquisition, asset management, planning, development, leasing, operations, property management and construction. Our development teams bring together multidisciplinary skillsets from across many sectors to capitalize on the unique opportunities that exist in the market today.

TFS Capital Group

TFS Capital Group specializes in raw land acquisition and the successful development of multi-residential and commercial real estate projects. In real estate development, one of the most difficult tasks is successful commencement of construction and in order to provide a helping hand, TFS Capital Group offers services such as consulting, design management and development management.  


TFS Capital Project

A TFS Capital project is the result of meticulous planning and design; where every single detail is integrated to create real estate that is truly innovative, inspirational and beneficial to its community. TFS Capital proudly collaborates with the best industry experts for its design, planning, engineering and construction efforts. A TFS Capital partnership entails professional real estate consultants and the best industry experts.

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