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Industrial Real Estate

TFS Capital Group proudly stands as a dominant force in the acquisition of industrial real estate properties throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our relentless drive for growth compels us to actively seek out new opportunities to expand our portfolio. With a steadfast focus on prominent areas, including Brampton, Mississauga, and Milton along the highly coveted Highway 401 West corridor, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to strategic investment.


Our diverse range of assets, spanning warehouses, transport terminals, outside storage zoned properties, and heavy industrial zoned properties, showcases our extensive expertise in these lucrative sectors.

We possess the financial strength, industry knowledge, and operational capabilities to swiftly capitalize on the most compelling opportunities. Our aggressive approach to acquisitions ensures that we consistently seek out properties with exceptional potential. As we aggressively pursue new ventures, we invite you to bring forward any opportunities for our review.


By partnering with TFS Capital Group, you gain access to a powerhouse organization committed to unlocking value, maximizing returns, and seizing opportunities in the industrial real estate market. Join us in shaping the future of this thriving sector by presenting your opportunities to our seasoned team of experts. Together, we can achieve extraordinary success in the realm of industrial property investment.

Industrial Storage
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Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves
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